It didn’t take long before the armchair quarterbacks checked it to render their opinions on how the NYPD reacted to the shooting of Steve Ercolino in front of the Empire State Building this past Friday.

As you know, all the passersby injured were as the result of the police reacting to the gunning down of the victim by a disgruntled former employee of Hazan Imports.

Do you feel the number of shots it took to take down shooter Jeffrey Johnson was warranted?

In all, 16 rounds were fired to take down the suspect.

According to this:

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly reiterated today that officials believe that two patrolmen followed proper police protocol once Jeffrey Johnson pulled a pistol on them moments after he ambushed a former co-worker — an assessment supported by experts on police policy and training.

"When you're told that someone just killed someone around the corner, and five seconds later that person identified as the shooter points the gun at you ... it was the appropriate action to take," Kelly said at an unrelated press event in midtown Manhattan.

The police volley instantly killed Johnson, who never returned fire. Stray bullets, ricochets and fragments caused nonlife-threatening gunshot and graze wounds to nine civilians. Two remained hospitalized today in stable condition.

Kelly called it "unfortunate" that innocent people were hurt. But, he added, "Thank God, everybody is going to be all right."

Eugene O'Donnell, a former New York City police officer who is now a lecturer at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, said: "I think people want to hear a magic number" of gunshots needed to take down a suspect.

"There is no magic number," he said.

Analysis shows NYPD officers "routinely, unfortunately, fire shots that miss," O'Donnell said. "It's uncommon for the cops to shoot, but when they do shoot, their hit rate is not very high."
Sounds pretty scary, doesn’t it.

“…when they do shoot, their hit rate is not very high!”

Makes you wonder if it’s prudent to even be drawing their weapons in a crowded street during rush hour.

So you be the judge:

Do you feel the police used excessive force in gunning down the suspect in the Empire State Building shooting?