Naked runs aren't unheard of on college campuses, but some Rider University are being accused of hazing for planning to jog nude last month.

On the night of September 5, Rider’s Public Safety Department responded to reports of students gathered at the school's track, where officers found alcohol and the men's cross country team planning to run laps nude. While an investigation of all 28 team members revealed no ill will, according to an email from Rider spokesperson Kristine Brown, their actions were referred to as "unacceptable," and considered hazing by the school. As a result, the team was suspended from practicing and participating in an upcoming invitational meet, and some students faced alcohol and/or hazing charges.

Here's how Rider's handbook defines hazing:

Within the context of a person(s) attempting to join, or retain “membership” in a group or organization: any action or situation which recklessly or intentionally risks the mental, psychological or physical wellbeing of a student with or without his consent; which requires or encourages violation of public law or University policy; or, which may tend to ridicule, mistreat, degrade, humiliate or harass any individual.

My instinct says the cops should've broken this meeting up and sent the kids home. And, if there was peer pressure involved in the jog, it was probably for good because sometimes people need to be pushed out of their comfort zones.

What do you think?

Jonathan from Lawrenceville said he doesn't disagree with me, but the school is probably taking this "hard stance" because of a hazing-related death that occurred a few years ago on their campus.

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