It’s a well known fact that Governor Christie is a fan of the Dallas Cowboys. In case you previously didn't realize this, it was made known last night when he was sitting in Jerry Jones' box at Lincoln Financial Field. He hasn’t changed his stance on football teams despite his in state Giants winning 2 Super Bowls in the last 7 years.

New Jersey Governor and Cowboys fan Chris Christie talks with Jerry Jones (Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Now there’s criticism from former Pennsylvania Ed Rendell who calls it ‘pathetic' that a Jersey guy would align himself with Dallas.

What would be pathetic in my opinion would be to lie to your constituents about your choice of team. I appreciate Christie’s football honesty. Actually, truth be told, what’s pathetic was the Eagles coming back from a 21-0 deficit and still getting blown out by Dallas 38-27. .

I mention this because I’ve also worked in Philadelphia on the station which covers the Eagles, but I do so as a fan of the New York Giants. In 2007 I sat in a dunk tank outside Lincoln Financial Field wearing a Plaxico Burress jersey,  raising money for 'Eagles Tackle Breast Cancer' and last year after the Eagles beat the Giants, I wore a dress around the city, also, to raise money.

I believe that when you’re a fan of your team, you stay a fan no matter where you work or who you’re to talking to. Anything else would be a “wuss.” I would much rather have Governor Christie remain true to his team, even if it is the Cowboys, than lie about being a Giants and or Jets fan.

How about you?  Would you give up your team because of where you work?