When you do your holiday shopping, how much time do you put into finding the perfect gift? I usually go crazy trying to find the exact gift that will make that person's eyes light up.

(Ayd?n PERÇEM, ThinkStock)

In my mind, grown people are actually waiting and hoping they get the perfect gift from me, instead of just going out and getting it themselves. Which brings me to the gift card.

For the longest time, I was opposed to the gift card. I felt it was thoughtless and informal and it showed the person exactly how much you spent on them. Lately I must admit, after opening some things I got from people who thought would be my “perfect gift,” I’m yearning for the gift card.

Gift cards give you the chance to give the person opportunity to actually go and get what they want. They’re easy to wrap, and what you lose in letting the person know exactly what you’ve spent, you make up for in knowing that they will get exactly what they want, and isn’t that what the perfect gift is about in the first place?

Which would you prefer to receive - a gift card or present?