It was about 10 years ago, I was filling in at an oldies station on the Jersey shore and there was a teenager on at night who's knowledge of the music rivaled mine (and unlike him, I was around when the music came out).

His show preparation and dedication was second to none. He understood what it took to do great radio in New Jersey. He was the kind of kid that you wanted to see grow. This business needs more people like Matt Ryan. It wasn't long after that that the station he gave his heart to downsized him, and he became available.

It was then that I had recommended him to Eric Johnson, who was the Program Director at New Jersey 101.5 at the time (and is now the Brand Manager). Eric took Matt Ryan's career to another level in every facet of radio. Matt continues to reward him with his tremendous growth in the industry both locally and nationally. He did his last Saturday Night 80's show on New Jersey 101.5 this weekend, and among those to see him off was E Street Drummer Vinie "Mad Dog" Lopez"

You must always be careful when you recommend someone for a job because in the end, their performance will come down on you. Thank You Matt, for making me look like a genius! Best of Luck my friend!