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New Poll - Governor Christie's decision not to meet with the parents of the Sandy Hook massacre isn't sitting well with many New Jerseyans.

Demonstrators protesting the shooting death of Michael Brown (Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Another Night of Unrest - Police in Ferguson, Missouri Monday night fired tear gas yet again at protesters in the streets. The unrest has gone on for more than a week following a police shooting of an unarmed 18-year-old man. Authorities say at least two people were shot during Monday night clashes. In one confrontation Monday night, officers fired flash grenades.


Bridgegate Bill - Lost among the flurry of bills introduced after the Bridgegate scandal broke is a measure that would establish the crime of official interference with transportation. Anyone found gulity would face up to a-year-and-a-half in prison.

Revel Casino (Matthew White, Townsquare Media)

Countdown to Closure - The troubled Revel casino in Atlantic City still hopes to auction off its property but needs to close to stop big losses, according to attorney John Cunningham. Cunningham said in bankruptcy court Monday that the casino is losing more than a million a week. "Our earnest hope is that we will have a successful auction," cunningham said. "but it takes two to may be (that) some of the dust has to settle from the shutdown."

As Atlantic City casinos struggle to keep their doors open and three are scheduled to close in the next month, agencies that serve the homeless are preparing for thousands more who may find themselves in need.

Third Time in Court - A former leader of the Latin Kings street gang in Trenton has told a judge that he's ready to face a third trial on charges that he killed a woman because she witnessed a kidnapping. Jose Negrete, known as "Boom Bat" told a Superior Court judge Monday that he's been fighting for his innocence for the last 10 years. The trial was set for feb. 9.

Roller coasters at Six Flags Great Adventure (Google Street View)

Apology from the president - The president of Six Flags Great Adventures apologizes to a disabled Middlesex County veteran over his T-shirt.


Growing Optimism- A new survey finds small businesses in New Jersey are feeling better and better about the economy, and their ability to make a profit.

Reconsidering Ocean Windmills - A company that wants to build a windmill power project off the coast of Atlantic City won a victory in court. A New Jersey appeals court ruled in favor of Fishermen's Energy in a dispute over the company's plan. The state BPU had denied approval for the project.

Child in Stolen Car - In Elizabeth, two men abandoned a vehicle they stole after realizing a child was still inside. A city man was loading his car Saturday morning when the men got inside and sped away with a child in tow. They drove four blocks before realizing the car was occupied by a child. They left the car and fled. The child wasn't hurt.

Cost of Raising Kids - Your own kid comes with sticker shock. The Department of Agriculture says it'll cost the average family more than $245,000 to raise a kid who was born last year until the age 18.

Limited Missions - The Obama administration insists there will be no "mission creep" in iraq. It came up at the president's news conference.

Continuing the Peace - A 5 day truce in Gaza expired but both sides have decided it will continue a bit longer.

Price Drop at the Pump - The price of gasoline just keeps dropping in New Jersey.

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