Today in New Jersey’s First News:

The search is intensifying in Pennsylvania for a man police say shot and killed his ex-wife and five of her relatives, including her mother, grandmother and 14-year-old niece. Police say ex-Marine Bradley Michael Stone carried out the shootings in three homes in suburban Philadelphia. Stone and his ex had been fighting each other for custody of their two daughters.  She had told neighbors just recently she feared stone would kill her.

Governor Christie is not apologizing for carrying on and high-fiving Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones as the Cowboys beat the Eagles in Philadelphia Sunday night. He's also brushing aside a nasty verbal attack launched by a Philadelphia councilman. Christie said even President Obama teased him about his display of Cowboy love when he arrived in New Jersey Monday.

The president was here to honor American service members and their families. Speaking at the joint base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst got a big thanks from president Obama Monday afternoon. Obama also marked the end of combat operations in Afghanistan during his visit.  The joint base has been a launching point for many overseas deployments.

Authorities take down four individuals they say are responsible for a string of armed home invasions that targeted the Asian-Indian community in Middlesex County this fall.

Pakistani officials say Taliban gunmen have stormed a military school in the northwestern city of Peshawar, and officials at a nearby hospital say 20 students and one security officer were killed. Police say the gunmen entered the school this morning and that commandos quickly arrived at the scene, exchanging fire with the gunmen.

The Islamic state group is trying to recruit more than fighters to its cause. With its propaganda and social-media presence, the group is looking for young brides as well as professionals such as doctors, accountants and engineers as it pushes to build a new society in a territorial base across broad swaths of Iraq and Syria.  The FBI warns people helping the group can be prosecuted even if they don't take up arms themselves.

It's t-minus 5 and a half months and counting till jersey's transportation trust fund will run out of money and go bust. If that happens it will mean all road and bridge projects and repairs would stop. State leaders keep saying they're working on a solution, but so far no agreement has been reached.

Christie was highly critical of the president's health plan on Ask the Governor last night.  Premiums are up sharply in New Jersey and Chrisite says the worst is yet to come.

Health insurance companies are giving consumers more time to pay January's Obamacare premiums.  They are trying to head off problems as the government reviews new and renewal applications and begins a massive data transfer right around the holidays.

Three Edison elementary school teachers are facing tenure charges and could be fired for a racy on-line chat.  The three teachers openly speculated on their colleagues’ sex lives and made fun of special education students.  They engaged in the online chat as they were being trained on school owned laptops.

The wife of Bill Cosby says her husband is the real victim of false allegations.  Camile Cosby issued a statement saying he is the man you thought you knew and rejected the growing number of rape allegations against Cosby.

The national small business and entrepreneurship council is out with its 2014 "U.S. Small Business Policy Index." the report ranks the 50 states from least small business friendly to most friendly and once again New Jersey is near the bottom.

The gunman who took 17 people hostage in a Sydney cafe had a long history of violent crime, infatuation with extremism and mental instability. He was a self-described Muslim cleric but was not on any terror watch list.  The gunman and two of his hostages were killed in a barrage of gunfire, when police stormed the cafe.

Edgewater Mayor James Delany abruptly resigned Monday, just before the start of the council meeting.  He gave no reason and no one on the board is talking.

New Jersey's five-year experiment with red light cameras ends at midnight tonight.  While enforcement under the pilot program will stop, "gotcha cam" foes warn that supporters may work to resurrect the program again.

An elderly woman has been killed in a church parking lot, run over by her husband in what appears to be a horrible accident.  Investigators are still trying to figure out what happened Sunday at the West Orange church, but the husband has not been charged.

There's some encouraging news when it comes to drug use among teens according to the annual survey released today by the national institute on drug abuse.

If New Jersey's colleges and universities ignore allegations of sexual assault on their campuses they could soon face the wrath of the state attorney general. The full assembly has approved a bill to give the state's top law enforcement official new power.

The main casino union for workers at the Taj Majal has defied a company deadline to withdraw their appeal of a court ordered cost cutting package.  What that means for the future of the Taj, and it's workers, is not clear.  The casino is slated to close 6am Saturday.

WEATHER from chief meteorologist Dan Zarrow:

TODAY... Mostly cloudy. Rain showers moving in this afternoon. Highs 45-50

TONIGHT... Rain showers early, then some clearing. Lows 35-41

TOMORROW... Partly sunny and breezy. Highs 47-52


Pick 3: 5-1-0

Straight pays $212.50. Box pays $35. Pair pays $21.

Pick 4: 0-7-3-6

Straight pays $4,112. Box pays $171.

Cash 5: 08-14-31-38-39

5 of 5 pays $0. 4 of 5 pays $596. 3 of 5 pays $18.

Pick 6: 14-17-24-29-41-45

There were no top prize winners in Monday night’s Pick 6 Lotto drawing, New Jersey Lottery officials said.

Five out of six paid $4,012 to 8 winners; four out of six paid $61 to 573 winners; three out of six paid $3 to 10,269 winners.

Thursday’s top prize estimate is $8.2 million annuity.

Here are the winning numbers selected Monday in the midday New Jersey State Lottery drawing:

Pick 3: 9-8-1

Straight pays $385.50. Box pays $64, Pair pays $38.50.

Pick 4: 7-7-9-5

Straight pays $2,892.50. Box pays $241.

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