Both north Jersey and south Jersey are represented in a list that ranks the top five unfriendliest cities in the entire country. Way to cover your ground, New Jersey! The list was compiled in a Traveler Magazine Readers’ Choice Awards survey.

The two New Jersey cities represented are Atlantic City and Newark, which ranks first overall.

Here is the full top ten list.

1) Newark, NJ
2) Oakland, CA
3) Atlantic City, NJ
4) Detroit, MI
5) Hartford, CT
6) New Haven, CT
7) The Hamptons, NY
8) Reno, NV
9) Los Angeles, CA
10) Baltimore, MD

I think this list needs work and that's why I need you to tell me your picks for the most unfriendly cities in America. I think I'm desensitized to it because I'm from New York originally and have spent a majority of my life in New Jersey, but I don't think we're that bad! To me, the most unfriendly city I've ever been to is by far and away Chicago. Maybe it's because the Cubs haven't won a World Series since the Ottoman Empire was still around. Or because their famous "deep dish pizza" is just a nice way to say lasagna.

What is your pick for the most unfriendly city in America? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

View Traveler Magazine's full list here.