It’s the morning after my Giants lost 27-7 to the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday Night Football. If I could pick one team and only one team that the Giants would beat every time, it would be the Eagles.

Then again, sometimes I think the Eagles made a deal with the devil about the Giants, or at least it sure seems that way. It seems that no matter how these teams are playing in any given season against the rest of the league, the Eagles always seem to beat the Giants, most times into submission.

I’m a die hard Giants fan and when you live and die with your team, losses like this one are extremely hard to take. I don’t sleep very well, sometimes I even dream about what I saw. I go through anger, frustration, depression and then a sort of football malaise that hangs over me all week until they play again, or actually until they win again.

On the other hand, when the Giants win, it’s like the springboard to a better mood all week. I wake up more positive and I can’t wait to read updates on the team. The day just seems to go a lot better. I see similar positive attitudes right now with Mets fans.

How does your team’s play affect you emotionally? Leave your comments below.