U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman met with reporters in front of the federal courthouse to review the corruption charges against Trenton Mayor Tony Mack and 6 others.

Mayor Tony Mack (D), his brother, Ralphiel, and convicted sex offender Joseph Giorgianni, were arrested this morning accused of conspiring to obstruct, delay and affect interstate commerce by extortion. All were arrested Monday morning around 6:30AM at their respective homes.

Fishman says he does not know if Mack has yet hired a lawyer.

Tony Mack was arrested at his Berkeley Avenue home which is currently up for sale.

The criminal complaint against them shows they were approached by a cooperating witness who was working with authorities to get a better deal for criminal charges he was facing.

The complaint also indicates there's a fourth "co-conspirator" named only as "CC-1" who was a Trenton city employee according to the Star Ledger. That person has not been charged.

The witness said he wanted the mayor's support to build a parking garage.

The court papers show he and a second witness, who was paid, provided the Mack brothers and Giorgianni $54,000 and promised another $65,000.

They were all taken to the FBI's office in Hamilton Mercer County.

The criminal complaint portrays Giorgianni as a boastful man who did most of the talking with two FBI informants -- one who was cooperating to get a better deal in his own criminal case, another
who was paid.




In an editorial, the Star Ledger is calling for Mack's immediate resignation. "Now that he has been arrested on corruption charges, it’s time for Tony Mack to step down as mayor of Trenton," writes the paper's editorial board in an on line editorial. "Mayor Mack remains innocent of the federal charges unless proved guilty in court. His record, however, has shown that he’s guilty of failing Trenton. For the good of the city says he loves, we call on him to resign immediately"


Giorgianni complains at one point that Mack cannot take bribes because he's being watched so closely. "It's sickening," he told one of the informants, according to the court papers. "I like to make money for my friends," he said at another point, according to the papers. "I like to do it like the Boss Tweed way. You know Boss Tweed ran Tammany Hall?"

When Mack was recorded, it was mostly just to say he'd meet someone or exchanging pleasantries. But in April, he was recorded at a meeting with Giorgianni and one of the informants saying, "I really appreciate what you guys have done for us. I appreciate your support and, like before, I support you and I'll keep on supporting you."

Authorities say, though, that Mack, whom Giorgianni referred to as "Napoleon" was involved in the scheme. One piece of evidence they offer is that Giorgianni referred to money by code -- calling it "Uncle Remus" -- when he spoke with Mack, and that Mack seemed to know what he was saying.

The Associated Press contributed to this report