The Highland Park School District's new transgender policy is not resonating with transgender New Jersey comedian Julia Scotti.

The policy is being touted as one of the most progressive transgender policies in the state. Not only would it let a student choose which bathroom or locker room to use — it would forbid the school from notifying parents about their children's declared genders.

"You can't do that," Scotti told me, when she called in Tuesday night. "You've got kids whose lives are hard enough going through this. Now they're going to live not just a double life but a triple life hiding from the parents. They need the support system from their parents, schools should not be involved."

Scotti, a former teacher, says she appreciates what the district is trying to do, but said it's "not cool at all."

Scotti will be performing next weekend at Catch A Rising Star in the Princeton Hyatt regency.

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