We all have them-- TRAFFIC ANNOYANCES .... but right here, right now I want to focus on what truly wastes your time as a motorist and perhaps we can help to correct it for you.   I drive on a large state highway six days a week and without fail some of the traffic signals will ALWAYS cycle too quickly and turn RED which unfairly favors the local traffic trying to enter the highway.   This is not to say that local traffic should have to sit and wait for the light to turn green for several minutes --but the highway traffic should NOT have to stop at empty intersections for no reason at all hours of the day and night. Think about how much time AND GAS that you are wasting EVERY DAY by sitting and idling at that intersection. I know it is costing me at LEAST 5 minutes and that adds up.

If you are experiencing one of these ANNOYANCES I would ask you to share it and post it here.  I plan to make a list and send it to the proper authorities to analyze and get action on it. And share the list with you as well.

I ask that you be as detailed as possible --provide the Highway-Intersection-Time of day --and how the traffic signal is not functioning properly.     I look forward to hearing from you.