It was a tragic accident that killed 39-year-old Sarah Majoras, the Lambertville woman whose body was found in a local canal days after she went missing in late January.

Sarah Majoras (Facebook via Remember Sarah Majoras)

According to results from the Hunterdon County Medical Examiner, Majoras' death was due to drowning.

Huntedon Country Prosecutor Anthony Kearns said toxicology results showed a high level of alcohol content was in her blood at the time of her death.


According to a statement released by Kearns, "The Medical Examiner deemed Majoras' death an accidental drowning.  Based on the circumstances, her physical condition, the icy cold weather conditions and the lack of suspicious circumstances, Ms. Majoras' death is considered to have been a tragic accident."

Majoras' body was found Jan. 30 by state police divers in the Delaware & Raritan Canal. She had vanished five days earlier after leaving a New Hope, Pa. bar where she worked as a bartender and crossing over the bridge into Lambertville.

(The Associated Press contributed to this story.)