Over the past decade, sunglasses have become a staple style accessory to compliment any wardrobe. Like many fashion items, there are the trendy pairs, the classy pairs, and there are the pairs that take flair to a whole new level. Check out the Top 10 Most Unique and Outrageous Sunglasses!

  • 10

    80s Asymmetrical Multicolor Sunglasses

    This pair of edgy, exotic shades will only run you $4.99 at Amazon.com. Better get a pair soon, because as of today, there are only 9 in stock!

  • 9

    Gold frame Crazy Eye Hologram Sunglasses

    It's one thing to take fashion to the extreme, but it's another to scare everyone you come in (eye) contact with when wearing these horrifying $6.00 hologram sunglasses!

  • 8

    Brown Coffee Sunglasses

    Do you have a passion for hot coffee but feel the need to let everyone you see know? Perhaps these women's coffee sunglasses are for you! Priced at just $8.09, you could protect your eyes from the sun with your very own pair!

  • 7

    Pink Beak Sunglasses

    Perhaps these were made just in case you forget sunblock for your nose? Either way, they look a bit ridiculous! What's more ridiculous is the price of these magenta Beak shades by Bernhard Willhelm for Linda Farrow: $175.63!

  • 6

    Rhinestone Skeleton Hand Sunglasses

    We're pretty sure that the goal of sunglasses is to block the sun, not everything! These $300 pair of Swarovski Skeleton Hand Sunglasses are quite daring and should probably only be sold with a seeing eye dog!

  • 5

    Jersey Shore Celebrity Style Sunglasses

    Last time we checked, Snooki's fashion sense was far from the best, so it's hard to justify why these $15 pair of Jersey Shore-like sunglasses were ever created. Afterall, the rhinestones can't possibly be helpful, and the clear plastic seems to be useless in blocking the bright sun!

  • 4

    EYE See You Sunglasses

    Why stick to plain sunglasses when you can make a major impression with these moving eyeball shades from Etsy? Perfectly called "EYE see you" sunglasses, they can be yours for just $20!

  • 3

    Spiked Rhinestone Sunglasses

    Thanks to the creative designers at Etsy.com, you can find so many unusual items like these Lady Gaga themed rhinestone deco sunglasses with spikes! You'll make the boldest of statements (whatever that is) and at least one eye will see through these outrageous $165 shades!

  • 2

    As once seen on Beyonce, these recreated metal fringe sunglasses are some of the most unusual fashion accessory that we've ever seen! Surprisingly, these were sold, but we couldn't have a list of the Most Outrageous Sunglasses without listing a pair covered with metal fringes!

  • 1

    USA Sunglasses

    These $208 patriotic pair of Jeremy Scott for Linda Farrow USA sunglasses are indeed real. We seriously hope the designer has a huge sense of humor. Covering only the right eye, these map of the USA shades are the most ridiculous (and useless) sunglasses of all time!  Check out a larger image of them here.