I was in a supermarket today and was floored to see that the tip cup as now migrated even there. 

tip cup (flickr user Marcin Wichary)

It used to be you’d see one at a busy lunch counter, maybe a bagel shop, places where the workers behind the counter were at least preparing your food somewhat.  Then they started showing up in places like convenience stores where the clerk is really only ringing you up and handing you a bag.

But a grocery store check out lane?  This supermarket is a big chain, but I’m not giving the name because I highly doubt they condone it.  I had the feeling this was just a miserable rogue cashier who probably hid the cup whenever her manager would come around.  But sure enough, there it was.

Her plastic cup with a piece of paper with the word TIPS scrawled on it taped to the side of the cup.looked a bit tattered like she’s used this quite a while.

What’s next?  Front desk clerks at hotels?  Receptionists at doctors offices?  And what are some of the more unexpected places you’re now seeing tip cups?  You can leave your answer in the comment section below.