Tough to imagine on a couple of levels.

First, Tim Tebow is a Jersey Guy...albeit 10 generations removed.

According to the NY Times, Tim Tebow can be traced to Andries Tebow, who sailed to the New World out of Bruges, Belgium.

Andries Tebow landed in New Amsterdam — later renamed New York — and settled sometime before 1686 amid what was then open farmland of North Jersey and fast-growing smatters of Dutch immigrants. One online history says that he purchased 261 acres between the Hackensack River and Sprout Brook, north of what is now Midland Avenue near Paramus, in 1686.

More ironic is the fact that Jets management wants to keep him away from the temptations of the big city and put down roots in New Jersey.

('d that work out for Plaxico Burress?)

According to Fox Sports on MSN, New York bar owners were plotting to lure him away from his frequent charity work in favor of the Big Apple's club scene.

"New York is a tough place for someone with a holy background, and I can see it corrupting him," said Maria Katz, a hostess at Sapphire's Gentleman's Club on the Upper East Side.

"We love breaking the good boy. We hear it all the time, 'I don't want a lap dance, I've got a wife,' and then they're walking out at 6:00am."

So with all the distractions of Team Chaos, the coach's foot fetishes, the dysfunctional locker room, and the lure of "sodom by the sea" just across the river...when Tim takes the "Tebow", he better be making a novena to St. Jude.....patron saint of hopeless cases!

So take the long will Tim Tebow give in to the temptations of the city?