Like the song says “Arthur he does as he pleases” and this tropical storm could ruin your July 4th weekend. Unless of course you have an alternate plan of things to do to keep your family entertained during the rain.



Movies are always a great idea, and coming out this week are a few good ones. The suspense thriller ‘Deliver Us From Evil”, will be hitting the theatres. If you're looking for a movie for the kids there’s “Earth To Echo.” If you're a  Melissa McCarthy fan,  whom you may also know  from the hit show "Mike & Molly," there’s “Tammy.”


The rain is also a great time to either catch up on your DVR, or to begin a binge watch on a new series that you’ve either been meaning to see or heard about.

 Board Games

Perhaps you can get the family together to play a game. Remember playing cards? Or Monopoly? Anything that gets everybody together for a while in the same spot would work.

Rainy days may keep you indoors but these are also the memories that can last a lifetime.