It's hard to imagine what kind of people steal from a child, especially a disabled one. A six year old boy from Belmar is missing his stolen wagon. What the thieves didn't know, was that the robbery was caught on tape.

Photo courtesy of Tracy Bean

This is 6-year-old Alex Bean and he has cerebellar hypoplasia. It's a neurological condition that left Alex missing parts of his brain. Because of that, he can not walk or talk.

According to his mom Tracy, Alex was very attached to his wagon. That's where he would sit outside and play with his toys. Alex and his parents would also walk together with the wagon.

They noticed it was missing on Tuesday and luckily had a surveillance camera that caught the whole thing.

Here's an enhanced picture of the two girls who were caught on tape.


Police believe the two girls in the video are in their 20s and likely drunk due to the time of the theft and proximity to local bars.

The wagon is big and red with a bucket seat. If anyone has information, they should contact the Belmar Police Department at 732-681-1700.

In the meantime, Alex's mom is moving him around in his wheelchair which makes mobility difficult.