Adam Levine's team on NBC's The Voice has a New Jersey feel to it — with two Garden State natives on his team.

The lead singer of Maroon 5 was the first to turn around as he listened to Bayville's John Gillman put an Elvis Presley spin on the King's "Don't Be Cruel" during the show's blind auditions.

"I sing music that's influenced by early rock and roll, doo wop, rockabilly, that sort of stuff," the 23-year-old said to the approval of Blake Shelton, who said he hoped Levine "keeps you in that lane because it'll be a lot of fun to watch," and expressed regret at not hitting his button.

During the show Gilman was seen chopping wood at the Bayville log cabin he shares with his brothers, where he has no wi-fi or cable.

"It's a simple place," said Gilman, who said it helps with his musical creativity.

According to the Patch of Berkeley Gilman's mother Cindy and his sister were at the taping of the segment.

Maroon 5 fan Mike Schivano of the Colonia section of Woodbridge, whose performance was "leaked" by the show Monday, revealed his decision to join Team Levine.

"What a dream. Proud to be a part of Team Adam," Schivano wrote on his Facebook page.

With a microphone tattoo on his forearm, Schivano said he moved to Los Angeles 6 months ago and that his first CD was "Songs About Jane: by Maroon 5." His mother, who was at the audition with his father and sister, said she is glad he is pursing the dream of a music career.

"I don't want him to have any regrets," his mother, Nora, said.

"Mike's awesome and I'll know how to guide him," Levine said, telling Schivano "we're going to go very far."

The show continues on Tuesday night  with more blind auditions as each judge builds their team for the next round of competition.

Gillman and Schivano join Jackson's Gianna Isabella as New Jerseyans currently on reality shows. The 15-year-old from Jackson is currently in the top 10 on Fox's "American Idol" and will learn her fate on Thursday night as two contestants are eliminated.