Let me tell you about the new dance craze, the one that got dozens of San Diego high school students suspended. It’s called “The Twerk”  and unlike the twist it got dozens of San Diego High School students suspended for making a suggestive dance video. Here is a video of it below. Be careful, as the song does have some suggestive lyrics in the video, probably not safe for work!



Not only that, they can’t attend the prom either or walk during the commencement exercise!


School board member Kevin Beiser says he was told that 31 students were suspended. Other reports say 33 students were suspended this week, including the student who shot the video.

The video was shot and edited on school property. It shows students doing the hip-shaking moves of twerking.

Seventeen-year-old Lyston McNear says he was suspended for coming up with the original idea for the video. He says it took months to create and nobody seemed offended.

Once upon a time in the fifties, people were offended by the dances and lyrics of rock n roll. What goes around comes around, and round and round, they’ve got a new dance and it goes like this!