Doors creak and slam, lights go on and off, footsteps can be heard and someone is whispering. A couple that moved into a Toms River rental home have fled after a week in terror...or are they terrified they can't pay the rent?

Josue Chinchilla and Michele Callan tell the Asbury Park Press they were forced out of the three bedroom ranch on Lowell Avenue after a week because of the weird goings-on. They checked into a hotel to live and told the landlord, orthodontist Dr. Richard Lopez, they want their $2250 security deposit back as they want out of the home.

Lopez refused and the couple filed suit. Lopez filed his own suit  for breaking their one-year lease and calls the whole thing a rouse to cover for financial troubles over the $1500-a-month rent. He had rented out the home over the past 10 years and says no one has complained once about ghosts.


Jim, Dennis & Judi and Deminski and Doyle have all talked about this on Friday. Do you think there might be something to their story or is all a ghost story?