Georgetown University recently conducted a study of the salaries and unemployment rates among college graduates with different majors.Some of these results may shock you.

According to AOL,

The worst-paying majors tended to be in the arts, where the low pay in creative work is matched by high unemployment rates, with an average of roughly 9 percent unemployment for arts majors. In fact, the overall unemployment for all recent grads is 8.9 percent. Several arts disciplines, however, lead to double-digit unemployment, according to the study.

Here are the ten worst-paying majors along with starting salary:

10. Music - $30,000.
9. Film Video and Photographic Arts - $30,000.
8. Liberal Arts - $30,000.
7. Psychology - $30,000.
6. Philosophy/Religious Studies - $30,000.
5. Social Work - $30,000.
4. Fine Arts - $30,000.
3. Physical Fitness and Parks Recreation - $30,000.
2. Anthropology and Archaeology - $28,000.
1. Drama and Theater - $26,000.

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