The stock market continues its slow upward movement. One Jersey expert sees a combination of quiet optimism and a calming of economic fears that plagued us for part of last year.

The Dow made a brief stop at 13-thousand on Tuesday before falling back. It still closed up 16 points in a march upward that has now been sustained for the better part of nine months. Mercer County stock expert Ken Kamen says what is different about 2012, versus 2011 is the things that everyone has been worried about for the past year, Europe, The Presidential election, the debt crisis...those things, according to Kamen, people have already decided how they are going to look at from an investor point of view. And Kamen says now they are what he calls, "placing their bets."

He says the earnings season is still generally positive for most companies. Some company's returns have still not reached the levels of full recovery, but there are great expectations that they can and will. Fears over higher energy prices and any unknown geopolitical event that may still be out there are the only things in our way right now.