When will the new iPhone make it's debut?  How will it differ from previous versions?  Here's some info that I've found.

[/caption]I'll tell you one thing that most of us already know.  The folks at Apple walk around with huge zippers on their lips.  So far, very little information has leaked out about the iPhone 5.

The consensus from the majority of the tech websites is that Apple will release an official announcement of the release date on September 12th.  The techies differ on the release date of the iPhone 5.  The "window" runs anywhere from the end of September to just days before Christmas.  For marketing purposes, you would think the device would be released well before the holidays.  That's just my opinion.

Several sources report that the new phone will have a larger screen.  The screen size on the iPhone 5 is expected to be 3.95 or four inches.  The current phones have a 3.5 inch screen.  The phone is expected to be taller but not much wider.

A couple of other changes include a repositioning of the camera.   Rumors say the camera will be located above the earpiece instead of on the left side.  The headphone jack will be on the bottom of the phone.  The charging port is expected to be smaller.  According to Reuters, the new charging connector will have 19 pins instead of the current 30 pins.

The one certainty is that the iPhone 5 will runiOS 6.  That was confirmed by Apple last June.  The new operating system has some new features that include Apple's own maps.  They will replace the Google maps.  There will also be Facebook intergration, and a new app called Passbook that consolodates tickets, passes, and coupons.

The tech websites pretty much agree on the cost of the new phone.  They say if you purchase it outright or pay it off within your subscription the price will run you around $800 dollars.  Would I be able to hire a butler to carry around a laptop for less than 800 bucks?  Just a thought.

Hang in there iFans.  You'll know the whole "scoop" in about a month.