Online marketplace conducted a study to find out which candy was each state's favorite leading up to Halloween. How did they find this out? By using Google Trends, which gives scores out of 100 for the popularity of a single search term.

You can check out the full infographic with a legend here.

The most popular Halloween candy in New Jersey is apparently Bubble Tape, which raises a few questions. First, gum? We could do way better than that. There are so many better options out there. I would like to suggest Alaska's favorite candy, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Or maybe something a bit more controversial: Candy corn, which is the candy of choice for Montana, North Dakota, Kentucky and West Virginia. They have the right idea.

Even if we wanted to accept the fact that our favorite Halloween candy is indeed bubble gum, let's go over some alternatives that put Bubble Tape to shame. How about Bubble Yum, Blow Pops (New York's favorite Halloween candy), or my favorite, forever and always, Big League Chew, specifically grape.

One more observation. New Mexico is represented by pencils. What?

Help me prove this research project wrong. What is your favorite Halloween candy? Let us know in the comment section below.