There are two lawsuits making their way through court systems of NJ where if the plaintiffs win, it may be time to pack up and move up out of the state.

The first lawsuit is from a Manchester woman who is suing an 11 year old after getting hit in the face with a ball during a local little league game. Elizabeth Lloyd is seeking $153,000 to cover the costs from the incident. Lloyd was hit in the face while sitting in the picnic area by the catcher's errant throw as he was warming up the pitcher in the bullpen.

The second is a lawsuit that just makes you shake your head. Ellen Shane, a woman that was saved from a knife-wielding robber at the Woodbridge mall a few months back, is now suing the town of Woodbridge, the mall and THE OFFICER who saved her by shooting her attacker with a bullet to the head. The victim AND her husband are suing because the town and the mall did failed to keep them safe and also suing for injuries suffered from the officer's acts.

Did we miss something here? How are these lawsuits allowed to go forward in the court systems? How low do we have to sink as a society before these frivolous lawsuits are stopped? Who is to blame for allowing lawsuits like this to go forward? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.