The following story was sent to us by a listener and we found it as great inspiration in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Aerial view of damage to the Jersey Shore from Sandy (Tim Larsen, Governor’s Office)

The Jersey shore: An eternal love story

Dear Sandy, I just wanted to let you know something. As you churned your way up the Atlantic Ocean and decided to drop your wrath over us, you didn’t account for one thing: No matter how bad an attitude you thought you had, it’s nothing to what we’ve got in Jersey.
You see, like in no other state, we in Jersey all own the Shore. Every single one of us is less than a tank of gas away from our favorite spot. From the mile-wide beaches of Cape May, the glitz and glamor of Atlantic City, the white sands of Long Beach Island, the honky-tonk that is uniquely seaside or the special charm of a town such as Bay Head, Belmar or Sea Bright, we all have our “spot”: the places where our grandfathers taught us to crab, where we stretched a coke bottle and filled it with colored sand, ate a giant slice of pizza and watched fireworks; the places where we held a girl’s hand for the first time or when five guys slept in the car because we couldn’t come up with enough money for a hotel.
Sandy, no matter how hard you think you hit us, never could you knock us down. You see, the Jersey Shore is not something that any wind or water can wash away. It is our spirit, it is our heart and it is our soul.
We send our thoughts and prayers to those who lost loved ones and to those who lost homes and businesses. We will all help you rebuild, because in Jersey, we “go down the Shore” and no matter what Sandy had to say, the Jersey Shore will never go down.

-- Al From Hamilton