Since I work in a gym, and perhaps you’ve started working out, you’ll probably notice some of the irksome things that go on there.

The happens at every gym, everywhere across the country.

Trust me, these can apply anywhere.


Drinking fountains aren’t spittoons, nor are they meeting places. No one wants to wait until you finish talking about whatever you’re talking about
If you fill a water bottle, be mindful of others waiting. Step aside. And sometimes, a half-bottle of water is plenty.


My gym requires you bring your own towel….some will supply them…some don’t even require them.
Carry a towel and wipe off equipment when you're finished. Or use the towels they supply Even if it's not covered in sweat.


Think of your gym as home. But realize it's not yours alone. It's a lot of people's home.
Leaving a whole pile of stuff is just rude. But leaving an iPod or anything of value alone is just dumb.
This is why most gyms have lockers.


When you're working out, work out. When you're daydreaming, checking your smartphone, reading e-mails, watching television, please stand or find a place to sit. But don't turn a workout bench or machine into a couch.


The work-in rule is simple: Always let someone work in.
But don't hover above the person, looming over their workout.


There's a sign at my gym that says that very thing: "Please put weights away."
But not everyone can read.
I look for free weights. I find them far from their racks – lying idly on the floor.


Realize when you do sit-ups those baggy shorts on guys become awfully short.
Ladies in neon pink skin-tight tops or scooped shirts work fine as well.


Wear fresh clothes and use deodorant. Wash hands. Avoid critiquing someone's form unless you're sure they want to hear it .

Avoid slamming weights, excessive grunts and pick-up lines. Noise bothers people.

I’ll add a few of my own:

Try not to be too much of a chiachiarone (big mouth)! Mind your business and go about your workout without carrying on too many conversations…especially when you’re in a class and the trainer wants your attention.

Remember, the gym is not a disco. You’re there to work out…not hook up! (Let’s see how that one goes over!)

You don’t have to grunt so loud that they hear you in the next county. Nor do you have to clang the equipment down like you just dropped a Mac truck on the floor. Very disturbing.

Do wash your hands before you leave the bathroom. Too many people, especially guys don’t wash their hands when they’re done doing their business.

Locker room etiquette: I don’t know how it works on the ladies’ side, but guys that insist on flashing their junk is off-putting. Everybody knows you got one…if it’s bigger than most, perhaps you should model for Playgirl.

Did we say you should re-rack the weights in their proper place. Some of the kids by me can't read numbers. 40 means 40...not 25!

Ladies wearing spandex with the words "pink" or "juicy" slapped across the ass.
Well.....I'll let that one go!

If you can think of any others, please feel free to list them.