I've gathered up some fun Thanksgiving statistics for you to enjoy while you're having your feast.

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About 88 per cent of Americans eat turkey on Thanksgiving Day.

The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade runs two and a half miles.

An estimated 50 million people will watch the parade.

In 2011 over 248 million turkeys were raised in the U.S.

46 million turkeys are expected to be consumed today.

President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed  the Thanksgiving holiday in 1863.  Way back in 1789 President George Washington issued a proclamation naming November 26th as a day of national thanksgiving.

It takes four to five months for a turkey to reach maturity.

Thanksgiving ranks as number two for America's favorite holiday.  Christmas is number one.

And, about 70 per cent of fires on Thanksgiving Day are caused by cooking.  Please be careful especially if you plan to deep fry your bird.

I know for some of you it's difficult to be thankful this year.  I hope you can spend time today with people you love and look forward to the years ahead when you'll have your best Thanksgivings-ever.