Have you ever fantasized about having sex with your teacher? Do you remember Van Halen’s “Hot For Teacher?” 

Does that fantasy end with the teacher being arrested? 26-year-old Tiffany Leiseth who worked as a substitute English teacher in the New Brighton School District has been charged with felony institutional sexual assault.

The act took place at the teacher’s home after classes had ended for the year. Of course we know this is not the first time a teacher had sex with a student, in fact it seems to becoming a growing trend.

What makes this case different, is that 18 is the age of consent and the sex took place after classes ended for the year, though the 18-years-olds had not yet graduated. Michael DeRiso, Leiseth’s attorney, argued that since classes were over when the alleged acts occurred, she wasn't their teacher anymore. DeRiso told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: “The reality is, you had three consenting adults once school let out.”

Moon Township Police Chief Leo McCarthy told WPXI in Pittsburgh: “Regardless of your age, whether you’re an adult or not, if you’re a high school student, a teacher cannot have sexual relations with you.”

However, because the young men were 18 years old, police could not charge Leiseth with a crime for sending them nude photos, CBS Pittsburgh reports.

Leiseth's preliminary hearing is scheduled for July 22.

What's your stance on this? Is it a crime for a teacher to have sex with a former student that soon after they leave the class, regardless of whether or not it’s morally wrong?