The full New Jersey Assembly today voted 58-7-13 to approve a teen tanning bill.

The measure aims to protect teens from an increased risk of skin cancer by banning access to tanning beds for anyone under 18 years old, regardless of whether they have obtained parental permission.

However, the bill would allow teens 14 years of age and older, with written permission, to use spray tanning. Current law allows minors between 14 and 18 to use any type of tanning facility with adult permission.

"Increasing the age that individuals can begin exposing themselves to tanning bed rays will help delay their exposure to potentially cancer-causing ultraviolet radiation," said Democratic Assemblyman Ralph Caputo, a sponsor of the measure.

Caputo said the recent incident involving the "tanorexic" Nutley mother underscores the need for this legislation now.

Opponents of the bill claim it would have a drastic impact on tanning salon business, and it takes away control from parents over their own children.

The measure now awaits consideration in the Senate.