How would you feel about a pole dancing studio opening up in your neighborhood? From the looks of the Facebook posts, they’re not too crazy about it in National Park.

Flickr User katielips


I say ‘What’s the problem?” We’re not talking about a strip club, we’re talking about a place where if you really become good at it, you may be able to work at a club if indeed that’s what you decide to do. Whether you agree with it or not, dancers make a lot of money and not all of them date their customers. Some even put themselves through college and are doing it part time while in the work force. Imagine, they could be in the cubicle right next to you. (They’re unfortunately not next to me , I checked ;)


Like any other exercise class, a lot of the students will not be  “strip club worthy” but they will feel better about themselves, more self esteem, perhaps a better sex drive. Who knows? It could even result in more “parking” in National Park.


Take our poll and let us know how you would react if it was your neighborhood.