Voter registration

Bogus Emails Confusing NJ Voters [AUDIO]
Spurred by false Internet reports, emails are spreading like wildfire containing incorrect information about what New Jersey voters need to do in order to be eligible to vote in next month's national election. Voting rights advocates are now trying to set the record straight.
New Jersey Voters: Are We Spoiled? [AUDIO]
More than 30 states currently have laws in place that require voters to present identification at the polls before they cast their ballots this November. In some states, a voter ID law has been on the books for decades. New Jersey does not carry such a law.
New Jersey Voter Information 2012
Tuesday June 5th 2012 is Primary Election Day in New Jersey.  In order to vote in the primary you must be a registered affiliated voter.
Deadlines to register are as follows:
- A registered voter currently not affiliated with a political party may declare their party affiliation up to and includi…