VA makes little headway in fight to shorten waits for care
A year after Americans recoiled at new revelations that sick veterans were getting sicker while languishing on waiting lists -- and months after the Department of Veterans Affairs instituted major reforms -- government data shows that the number of patients facing long waits at VA facilities has not…
Former Army Medic confronts fake veteran panhandler – watch
Jim has talked about stolen valor many times on the show and here is an example for why we need harsher penalties for those who pose as present or former military servicemen and women.
Above is a video of a former Army medic Garrett Goodwin confronting a panhandler dressed in Army uniform in Tampa, F…
New bill targets bogus veterans
Military members are often afforded certain perks like sales discounts, free drinks and even financial help, and that is why some believe there's been an increase in the number of people who impersonate veterans.

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