Utility rates

Mystery fees in your utility bills
Did you know that you're paying a "societal benefits" fee in your utility bill? If you don't know what that is, or exactly how much it's costing you, it's because under current law, utility companies don't have to list it separately or define it.
JCP+L Looking for Rate Hike
Jersey Central Power & Light is seeking permission from state regulators to boost its rates by 1.4 percent to improve its infrastructure and cope with losses from two major weather events that occurred last year.
Utility Companies Likely to Recoup Losses From Rate Payers
There's speculation on whether Jersey's giant Utilities can and will hit up ratepayers for huge bucks to cover the cost of cleanup and restoration after Irene, Lee, and the Saturday Snow storm. This would be hundreds of millions of additional dollars to be added to your bill. On that subject, th…