Many Jersey residents are constantly getting calls and flyers in the mail from different electric providers, suggesting they switch providers to save money.

PSE&G Electric Bill (Getty Images Genista)

A lot of folks say they're not sure if these offers and companies are on the level.

In response, a state lawmaker is sponsoring legislation to end the confusion, and make it easy to figure out which plans offer the best savings for you.

Assemblyman John Burzichelli says his measure "would require our Board of Public Utilities to establish a website, so that anyone who is authorized to do business in New Jersey is going to have this information on this website - clearly - in a form. A consumer can go to the website, and can shop in an apples to apples comparison as to what is available to them, and what's going to be their best deal."

He says, "The entities that are allowed to do business in New Jersey, whether they're marketers or direct suppliers or carriers of electric, will be the only ones that are on this website…I think there's going to be great benefit in giving consumers one place to go - make a direct comparison to everything available to them - they can select their best option."

Burzichelli points out, "When deregulation occurred, the traditional power suppliers in New Jersey - those entities - some of them generate electricity, but their main function is the delivery system. So you as a consumer can choose what provider you'd like to have, and that can cause confusion. So to protect the consumer, good information is always the best tool, and having all this in one place easily understandable to the consumer is going to give everybody the best chance to get the best deal for them…This is definitely a non-partisan issue…I expect the measure to move forward quickly."

The bill is scheduled to be considered today by the Assembly Telecommunications and Utilities Committee.