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The Worst Commercials Starring ‘Jersey Shore’ Cast
After five painfully long seasons, ‘Jersey Shore‘ will begin its sixth and final season this fall. Maybe it’s because Snooki had a baby and things are starting to get real. Maybe it’s because the ratings have started dropping and show no signs of stopping. Or maybe it’s because this show is terrible…
MTV’s Jersey Shore Ending
Is this the end of Jersey Shore? MTV gave the last call for "Jersey Shore" on Thursday, saying the raucous reality show will conclude after its upcoming sixth season, which begins Oct. 4.
Shark Sighting at the Jersey Shore House? [POLL]
That shark lurking around the waters off Seaside Heights is harmless to the swimmers but low enough for the cast of Jersey Shore to jump and it’s coming close. If you’ve ever seen the famous Happy Days episode, it’s not hard to imagine Mike “The …