Innovation alive and well in New Jersey
An encouraging new report finds New Jersey as one of the most innovative states in the country.
The study from Bloomberg ranks New Jersey fourth in the nation, trailing just Massachusetts (1), California (2), and Washington (3).
Michael Carrier, distinguished professor at Rutgers Law School, said the …
What websites, apps are NJ 101.5 staffers addicted to?
The widespread use of smartphones and mobile devices is leading to more of us being connected all-the-time.
According to a new Pew Research Center survey, 21 percent of Americans report going online "almost constantly."
Overall, 73 percent of Americans go online on a daily basis...
Technology that has gone extinct in your lifetime
Since today is Back To The Future Day, Deminski and Doyle are taking calls about the various types of technology that have become extinct in your lifetime.
Some of the callers chimed in with some good ones.

Mary in Turnersville - Roll up windows
Tom in Parsippany - The Walkman
Valerie in Toms River - Ty…
The one thing I wish Back To The Future did get right
If you know how to use the Internet, then you are probably aware that today is Back To The Future Day. This is the exact day and year Marty McFly traveled to in Back to the Future 2. A lot has been made about what the movie got right. Thumbprints as keys, video chatting and virtual reality to name a…

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