10 Burning Questions for NFL’s 2012 season
The National Football League will open its 2012 regular season on Wednesday when the Dallas Cowboys visit the defending Super Bowl-champion New York Giants. The off- and pre- seasons have set up several key story lines for the new season. Here are the 10 burning questions for the 2012 NFL season:
10 Coolest Road Trips in North America
The open road offers up a lot of possibilities. You’ve got adventure, new and strange destinations, gorgeous scenery, and the opportunity to escape the humdrums of your normal life, plus all of the interesting characters you’ll meet along the way. All you have to do i…
Office Bullying On The Rise, Research Shows
Almost everyone has encountered that one co-worker who would rather spend every ticking second of an eight-hour workday telling you how to do your job rather that minding their own business and focusing on their own work.
Worst Drinks to Put In Your Kid’s Lunchbox
Some parents are under the illusion that just because they give their little curtain climbers juice instead of bouncing them off the walls with soda that they are somehow providing them with a lesser evil.
Temper Tantrums in Kids – A Sign of Serious Problems?
Witnessing a temper tantrum oozing from the sticky mouth of a spoiled little whipper-snapper is not only a less than desirable experience, but it also carries enough nerve-bending weight to turn us adults into the Jimmy Hoffa of the local cherry red behind union.
Man Has Voice So Deep Only Elephants Can Hear It
Every day you should find something to be grateful for. Today we’re grateful that the man with the world’s deepest voice uses it mostly for singing ‘Amazing Grace’ and never uses it for making the brown sound. ‘South Park’-e…
How Rare Is a Blue Moon? [VIDEO]
Saying something only happens “once in a blue moon” typically means it’s extremely rare. True blue moons — defined as the second full moon in a month — aren’t actually that uncommon, but if you don’t catch the on…
Elvis Presley’s Dirty Undies Up for Auction
It’s been 35 years since Elvis Presley died, but the King is still very much a hot commodity. As proof, a pair of Presley’s used underwear will go up for auction in Manchester, England, next month and could fetch tens of thousands of dollars. Oh, and did we mention th…

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