Can You Learn While You’re Aleep?
All-night cram sessions are commonplace for students. But even though we know being sleep-deprived could be counter-productive, it seems learning doesn’t have to stop just because we nod off.
2045 Initiative Plans to Create Immortal Mankind
Most of us have a difficult enough time just getting up in the morning, let alone planning our future goals for the next 33 years. However, a 31-year-old Russian billionaire by the name of Dmitry Itskov is doing just that, as he is currently working with a plethora of scientific minds to develop a w…
10 Ways to Help Your Kids Study Better
When your kids go back to school, it’s almost like you go back to school, too. Teachers and childhood development professionals agree that when a child’s parents are involved in his education, he learns more and gets better grades. That means, you have just as big a r…
How Much Money Do Kids Get in Allowance?
Lots of adults remember receiving an allowance when they were growing up — but chances are good it wasn’t what today’s kids get. A new poll reveals modern children pocket almost $800 a year from their parents.
DMX Remixed Into Reading Rainbow, Ruining Both [NSFW]
DMX is a hardcore gangsta rapper whose work largely defined early ’00s rap and hip-hop. Reading Rainbow is a hardcore children’s educational show whose work largely defined the childhood of millions.
And now some enterprising remixer has ruined both.

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