Tax changes for NJ retirees
Q. Can you explain about before vs. after-tax savings for retirees? For example, I plan to retire in 2018 and will have a pension of about $40,000, filing taxes as single. I don’t expect additional income. What would I owe in taxes under the new bill that gives help for retirees?
Good news for NJ retirees
Q. I have read about the new exemption on retirement income being phased in next year. The phase-in of the $100,000 exclusion increases at a rate of $20,000 per year, but after the full exclusion kicks in, there appears to be a significant income limitation on using the exclusion beginning in 2021. …
How should I invest in retirement?
Q. I have $500,000 in retirement accounts, basically each 25 percent in international, large U.S. stocks, small U.S. stocks and long-term bonds, all through index funds. I hope to retire in two years. How can I decide if I’ll have enough, and how I should be invested

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