Kindergarten Is Not Mandatory in NJ [POLL/AUDIO]
Like a lot of people, Assemblyman Charles Mainor had no idea that kids in the Garden State do not have to go to kindergarten. Mainor and a trio of other Assembly members have introduced a bill to force children to go to kindergarten and to lower the age at which they have to start attending school.
Internal Report Clears Christie in Bridgegate [AUDIO/VIDEO]
The attorney hired by Gov. Chris Christie to do an internal investigation of Bridgegate issued a 360-page report Thursday that finds the lane closure scheme that caused traffic gridlock in Fort Lee was developed and orchestrated by a former Port Authority official, and the governor had nothing to do…
Christie’s ‘Emotional’ Bridgegate Meeting
The day before his Jan. 9 press conference announcing the termination of his deputy chief of staff, Gov. Chris Christie called his top aides together for what was described as "an emotional meeting" during which he became tearful upon learning that key members of his inner circle had lied …
NJ Bill Targets Non-First-Degree Crimes [AUDIO]
Do you think everybody deserves a second chance? New legislation just introduced in Trenton would allow anyone convicted of lesser than first-degree crimes to ask a judge to wipe their record clean after just two years, if they meet certain other benchmarks.

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