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Last Week (10-15-2012) on the Jim Gearhart Show
1. Ed "Weedman" Forchion is found not guilty of intent to distribute.
2. Some Defining moments of past debates.
3. Government double-dipping continues in New Jersey.
4. Amazing time-lapse video of Earth.
5. Do you believe we are being sprayed by Chemtrails or are they simply water vapo…
Last Week (08-20-2012) on The Jim Gearhart Show
Would cruise ships to Atlantic City be the cure for  the ailing resort city?
Pilot red light camera program is limited to 25 towns.
Has the 2% property cap helped you?
Do you believe that New Jersey is in a comeback?
Is there an easier way to spot cyber bullying?
Last Week (07-23-2012) on The Jim Gearhart Show
1.  State Troopers involved in "Death Race" faces charges for covering up license plates.
2.  Caution! There are rattlesnakes in NJ.
3.  Red light cameras have all been re-certified.
4.  More details come out about the Colorado Shooting Suspect...
Last Week (07-16-12) on The Jim Gearhart Show
1.  Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting leaves 12 dead and 58 injured.
2.  New Jersey toll taker caught napping.
3.  Ron Paul's prediction from 2002.
4.  An article on food stamps that will make your blood boil.
5.  Your cell phone fees provide free cell phones for othe…

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