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Last Week (07-09-2012) on The Jim Gearhart Show
1.  "Bend Over Here It Comes Again"
2.  Red light camera could not stop this accident.
3.  Should people be allowed to sell body parts?
4.  Have the Governor Christie fat jokes gone too far?
5.  "We Need a Little Christie" song parody
Last Week (06-18-2012) on The Jim Gearhart Show
1.  Red light cameras, will they stay or will they go?
2.  Jim Gearhart was interviewed by On The Record's Michael Aron.
3.  Changes to New Jersey's DUI laws.
4.  If the bill passes, it would take four years for teachers to acquire tenure...
Last Week (06-04-2012) on the Jim Gearhart Show
1. Bear travels from New Jersey to Conneticut.
2. Should the Government tell us what to eat or drink?
3. Have you had problems with your home owner association (HOA)?
4. Has social media gotten you in trouble?
5. Funnel Cloud over Absegami High School graduation
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Last Week (05-21-2012) on The Jim Gearhart Show
1.  Score one for the Morristown judge.
2.  Sometimes what seems like fun can quickly turn to danger.
3.  Will the latest murder in Atlantic City keep you from 'Doing AC'?
4.  Which beach is the best in New Jersey?
5.  Unsolicited text advertisements may soon be banned…
Last Week (05-07-2012) on The Jim Gearhart Show
1. What is your hobbit name?
2. 'Tanning mom' brings discussion on the need to ban minors from indoor tanning beds.
3. Reality check: Taxpayer cost of public union leave.
4. Should you be held liable for sending a text message to a driver that causes an accident...

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