Jim McGreevey

Openly gay politicians still scarce after McGreevey
Ten years ago this week, New Jersey Gov. Jim McGreevey announced he was a gay American, and a few months later he stepped down from office. Since then, there hasn't been one openly gay governor elected in any state, and very few gay state lawmakers currently hold office around the country.
Would you vote for a gay Governor?
I do a joke in my comedy act about the resignation of former Governor Jim McGreevey saying ‘I am a gay American, I was unfaithful in my marriage, I’m stepping down, but I just saved a ton of money on my car insurance.”
Who Is Governor Christie’s New Best Bud? [AUDIO]
In the past, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has strongly criticized former Gov. Jim McGreevey for following a fiscal policy that put the state into billions of dollars in debt, but now it seems Christie considers McGreevey to be one of his best buds.

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