Raw Videos Show the Power of Hurricane Isaac [VIDEOS]
Despite recently weakening to a tropical storm, the catastrophic effects of Hurricane Isaac continue through Wednesday afternoon. The storm has dumped more than ten inches of rain across the area and left at least 725,000 homes without power
Isaac Arrives on Katrina’s 7th Annivesary [VIDEO]
Hurricane Isaac swallowed parts of the swamps south of New Orleans early Wednesday on its way toward the newly fortified city, as people across the region opted to ride it out despite its torrential rains, 80 mph winds and spooky timing — the seventh anniversary of Hurricane Katrina..
How Does Hurricane Isaac Compare To Katrina?
Hurricane Isaac hit Louisiana's southeast coast Tuesday evening, the eve of the 7-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina's arrival. The timing is drawing comparisons to the storm that devastated the region and killed hundreds in 2005. But how does Hurricane Isaac compare to Katrina? Here…
Isaac Becomes A Hurricane [VIDEO]
Officials in New Orleans are telling residents to get ready for Isaac, which could grow to a Category 2
hurricane by the time it's expected to hit early Wednesday. But they're not ordering evacuations in the city.
Isaac Takes Aim At The Gulf[VIDEO]
One man in New Orleans who endured Hurricane Katrina seven years ago says he's expecting a weaker storm this time, and thinks the levee system is in better shape to handle a storm surge than it was when Katrina hit.