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Keep Active This Fall to Improve Overall Health [SPONSORED]
By: Lu Han, MD, Raritan Bay Medical Center
All Americans should be physically active to improve overall health and fitness and to prevent many adverse health outcomes.  The benefits of physical activity occur in generally healthy people, in people at risk of developing chronic diseases and in pe…
Oyster Creek Cancer Rates to Undergo Research [AUDIO]
Cancer rates around the Oyster Creek Nuclear Power Plant in Lacey Township, and six other facilities nationwide will be studied in a pilot project by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), which will update figures in use by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) for 23 years.
Are You Ready For Obamacare?
One week from today the Affordable care Act (ACA) also known as Obamacare goes into effect. Today, the top Democrat on the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health rallied New Jerseyans urging them to get covered and sign up for affordable health care coverage through the new marketplace.

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