Palestinian Rocket Attacks on Israel
Since you don't read about his enough in the mainstream press, and I don't get enough time on the air to explain's a link to explain the rocket attacks in Israel. Many people in the world are being misled and/or misunderstand what goes on there.
Gay Marriage…Again, Pay Attention
Toward the end of Wednesday's show an older gentleman called me cynical. Well I'm about as cynical as Mr. Rogers, but I've lived a pretty full life, although not as full as many others, and I've paid attention. I try not to make the same mistakes over and over and learn from othe…
Why Socialism Would Ultimately Fail
A listener sent us a story that she saw on Facebook explaining why socialism doesn't work.  Dennis and Judi read it on the air and listeners have been asking where they can find it. So here you go.
Tax the Rich!
Monday on the air I mentioned a story in the Star Ledger praising ASSemblyman Lou Greenwald for his accuracy in pointing out how Governor Christie's new 10 % income tax cut would proportionately benefit millionaires. Well of course it would, they pay more taxes.

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