Toward the end of Wednesday's show an older gentleman called me cynical. Well I'm about as cynical as Mr. Rogers, but I've lived a pretty full life, although not as full as many others, and I've paid attention. I try not to make the same mistakes over and over and learn from others' mistakes as well.

We were discussing a fun topic called "sex for boots", that many married couples apparently engage in. It goes like this: The wife wants new expensive boots or jewelry or a weekend away or whatever, and she trades such goodies for extra sexual favors for the husband. Sounds cute. If it works for you, great, have fun!

I thought it was a little unfair or stupid or emasculating for my tastes, but if it works for you, have at it! Somehow the older gentleman, misconstrued my disagreement for the practice (in my own life) for cynicism. He went on to say things like, "that shouldn't be a game and that he and his wife of 56 years raised a great family and respect each other".

In my opinion, there is nothing more precious and important in life than that. More of us should be blessed with such a fate. I wish that for everyone! He may have confused my opinion on this topic on my repeated statement that marriage (AS A LEGAL CONTRACT!!!) is the worst legally binding agreement that any two people can enter into, according to our current marriage laws.

If one party wants to change their mind and stray or betray the other, they can punish and yes even enslave the other party to a life of poverty and suffering......LEGALLY! However, I'll reiterate that a committed, loving, faithful relationship between two people, especially one that produces children and a loving, caring family, is THE most precious and important thing one can achieve in life! But like many other things in life that the government gets involved in (for the greater good, eh hem) it has poisoned.

Now we get to gay marriage. Recently there has been heated conversation, especially in New Jersey, about gay marriage being a civil right. Well the only reason the state got involved in marriage in the first place was to prevent so-called mixed marriages, in a blatant attempt to squash civil rights. The state should have little or nothing to do with our personal relationships.

If two people want to share their life and their property and benefits, they should be free to do so, whatever their "lifestyle" is with NO interference from the government. However, we have allowed the government over the years to mettle in our affairs with tax and inheritance laws that make relationships other than traditional marriage an unfair playing field. Let's change the laws that enslave us through taxation and confiscation, so that this no longer matters.

There is still a compromise, by allowing for "civil unions" for ALL couples that would be covered under current (unconstitutional) laws. This way ALL unions are covered equally and you are free to get "married" by whomever will marry you. Governments' intervention has complicated and poisoned the most important component of society, family. Now, of course to fix it, lets not scale back these unfair, misguided laws, let's have more government involvement. When will we learn!

Over fifty years ago we started the "war on poverty" and the "great society", and NOTHING has been more destructive to the family structure than programs that encourage women to have as many children as they want without the responsibility of a mother and father (not the taxpayer) paying for and caring for the children. Look at the results. Generations of fatherless children and families, horrible dysfunction and more poverty and dependence. All for the greater good!

For those of US who want people having equal treatment and/or benefit in our personal lives, get the government less involved, not more involved. And oh yeah, pay attention!