Big Joe’s Funniest Comment Contest
Big Joe’s Comment: “State Farm Insurance announces they've hired Donald Trump as their new adjuster -- Discount Double Check!”
This Week's Winner: John Cioffi
His Comment: "It's been 6 months and no one has yet to notice Tom wi…
Big Joe’s Funniest Comment Contest
Big Joe's Comment: "Squirrel Competitive Eating Champion - Joey Chestnuts wins the Saltine & Peanut Butter Championship once again! He 'chipmonked' it!"
And the winner is: Maria Proft!
Her winning comment was " week on 'animal planets…
This Week’s Top Videos on TheFW
Stephen from was on the Dennis and Judi Show today for his weekly segment to talk about the most entertaining videos on the Internet. This week's most popular videos included a man singing his order at the drive-thru, a melodica "Jurassic Park" Theme, and a baby&apos…
Send Us Your Photo Examples of “Engrish”
When Judi was at a Japanese store in Epcot at Disneyworld she noticed "Engrish" that was used on some of the products. You can check out the photos here.  So now, we want you to send us your "Engrish" photos! Keep reading to learn more.
Big Joe’s Funniest Comment Contest
Big Joe's Comment: "the new 2012 hybrid - The GAS Millage Is Great If You Can Stand The Smell."
And the winner is: John Ruszala of Manville
His comment: "Ford took going green too far with the new Tarus."
Congratulations John, your comment made us laugh the hard…
Stuff Girlfriends Say (NSFW VIDEO)
The "Stuff People Say" videos have been popping up all over YouTube recently.  There are a lot of different variations of the videos including the one below called "Stuff Girlfriends Say".

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